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Various Different Marketing Concepts:

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A thorough marketing study and going through various other marketing perspectives gives us a glance of various concepts which are marketing dependent or we can say based on marketing which globalizes marketing by giving it a new dimension in every case. We can as well define marketing and make a overall study of it through the cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis. In this process we can notice a subsequent reliance on the marketing managers on the various specific marketing elements and thereby generate mew marketing concepts and thoughts. Here are some important marketing concepts which run side-by-side with the previous social concept which I mentioned in my previous post.

The Production Concept:

This is a vital concept in marketing which primarily deals with a particular firm’s production and is oriented towards it. The production orientation is thus the theme of the concept. It focuses on grabbing the customers and influencing them to buy a certain product. Moreover the concept stresses on the fact that the more it is made the more becomes the profit. Maintaining this strategy is hard for certain managers at certain times. They thus target the achievement of a higher volume of the produced goods at certain lower cost price and distribute the same product with different codes intensely. That becomes a problematic if we consider that the competitors in a certain business are too high, when most of them are focusing on the same aim to be fulfilled. It’s obvious that customers will be interested in a certain product under two conditions: the price is low and widely available. Thus managers try to take the advantage of the viable strategy where managers look forward for the market expansion which is the prime survival strategy for the business.

Again, if we look keenly we can see that the rat race of market expansion accompanied by a higher production target often leads to mismanagement in the delivery of products and in some cases fails to meet the customer satisfaction, thus result in impersonal behavior with the customers. Too much application of this concept for a profit oriented target often lead to poor quality of service and higher impersonalization in the whole business.

The Selling Concept:

This is another vital concept of marketing. The main fact underlying the selling concept is that the customers, whether they are individuals or any organization, will not be expected to buy the products until and unless they are goaded and promoted for that. The customers must be persuaded for buying the products through the efforts of the marketing professionals and thus it lies up to a great extent on their approach whether the customers will be buying the products or not. Promotion and advertising is an important part of the whole concept which helps to a great extent in this regard, or can be said as the key in all these.

On the other point of view, if we see, it depends on the type of the product to be sold which determines the market. Let us cite an example for that. Life insurance, fire fighting equipments etc. usually are in a huge demand in the market. Thus stress on the part of the marketing professionals is reduced to a much extent. In modern marketing concept, we can look up the whole procedure as a basket where the sellers usually keep their products open for a high decibel of advertising. This strategy and orientation of the process becomes more effective with the participation of mass media in the information distribution and brand advertising. So, this concept also clarifies a confusion which was prevalent for a long time in the past that marketing is all about selling. This concludes the importance of selling concept in marketing.

The Product Concept:

The product concept again has a special position in the overall marketing concepts. The product is actually the main point on which other concepts are oriented. The product is that perspective of the whole scenario whose quality, performance and other innovative features determine a market’s position and also determines how much a market or rather can be said a business can sustain in the whole competition. In many cases, managers overlook this key point and focus more on the amount of product to be issued or manufactured. In many cases they also focus more on those issues which are less relevant; all these things made the product quality and performance too poor that they cannot grab or have a tight hold on the market and sustaining competition. Many innovations are done in various scientific laboratories and the customers can come to know well about these and get used to these products well enough. This is called “Technology Push Model”. Again there is a great problem underlying this technique, it is that the managers often overlook what the customers are demanding from them; indeed they focus more on their own technological innovations. This may at times lead to failure and dissatisfaction about the product in the market. At many times, it is also noticed that certain innovation are put to be sold in the market before the market is ready for them. This means, the customers are not also well aware of the concepts based on them. This also leads often to the failure of the product. The customers need to be made educated well enough for those products either through certain campaigns or though endorsements and advertising. Then only these innovations are going to work for certain. Thus the product concept is a valuable concept and needs to be stressed more in detail in order to make the goal of an organization a grand success.



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