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Planning and controlling: Do they conflict?

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I am now hoping that my readers have a basic idea of what all is planning and why it is done. Let me now introduce you all to a new term called controlling. What does the term primarily mean? I means having a grip over a mission, objective or project. It means to control a particular domain, right?

What the main function of planning is that it bridges the gap from where we are and where we want to go; this means we know our starting point, and we have a goal to accomplish. Planning shows us the exact path and the different functions that we may wish to execute in due course. This makes things happen which may not happen otherwise. None of us can predict the exact future, and so we may also expect some factors beyond our control. These factors may sometimes interfere in the regular and usual course of action and create hindrance. Planning is an intellectually demanding process where the idea of continuous determining the courses of action comes into play.

Now the planning and controlling are much similar in their concepts. Unless we plan, the maximum things are out of our control; and thereby we are leaving events to chance. To try to have a control over an objective without a proper planning is nearly meaningless. Thus planning and control are always recognized as inseparable- they are also called the Siamese twins of management. Thus who so ever wants to go somewhere must know how to go and which path to follow. This means to accomplish a goal the actions, control and planning must go hand in hand. From this concept thus it can be definitely said that, planning furnish the standards governing control.


Written by Anurag

October 9th, 2011 at 5:27 am

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