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Factors That Determine an Effective Span

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Sometimes the organizational division and the span of management perform a vital role in designing the base of an organization. The span should be effective enough to maintain equilibrium and thereby contribute to the success of the overall enterprise. Here, in this post I am going to point out some of the important factors that determine the span of management efficiently.

Training of the subordinates:

The training of the subordinates plays an important role in developing a necessary span and thereby it helps in overall prosperity. What happens if the subordinates are well trained? It actually helps in generating an environment that the subordinates do not require to get help from the managers at each and every step and thus the task and workload of the managers is minimized considerably. They can be made capable enough to make some critical decisions, if in case they are accidentally not in touch with the managers.

Plans should be made transparent:

The subordinates must be well aware and taught about the plans in details. The planning should be crystal clear to the staffs working under managers. This helps in making the workplace more flexible and efficient and thus helps in maximizing the performance. The staffs can be able to give their maximum outputs of their skills and raise the standard of work as a whole.

Clarity of Delegation of Authority:

This is another factor which effects the overall scenario. The real meaning of the term might look a bit hazy to my readers. The term actually stresses on the manager-subordinate relationship. There should be defined tasks for each and every domain or I can say individual. In other words, the delegation of authority should be made clear within all the sections of the organizations at different levels. This increases the flexibility of operations to be performed by the individuals and thereby distributing workload among the professionals. The staffs can clearly know about their authority as well as the manager’s dimension. So it’s definitely an important attribute.

Rate of Change:

Various organizations change much more rapidly than the others. The rate of change should be well defined and traced so that it becomes easier in the managerial side to apply and formulate various policies. This is indeed an important factor affecting the course or span of management as a whole. I can also mention something from history in this context. The durability and stability are the two factors which led to the huge success of the Western Civilization. The slow change and fast change effect the actions of the subordinates and environment must be suitable for all to cope up with these variations.

I can mention some other factors also, but the important ones are these which I already discussed. The other factors may be use of objective standards, communication techniques, personal contact, etc. So, all these factors lead to the effective span of management and they therefore constitute a notable wing of management.



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October 30th, 2011 at 6:39 pm

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